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In your opinion, how accurate are national political polls?
Very accurate
Moderately accurate
Not accurate at all
They're kept close to keep advertising revenue up for corporate media.
Spot on, as long as my pick is winning Ö
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What should be done about crowds at Hanging Lake?
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Should Pitkin and Garfield counties and Aspen chip in to cover added costs for the Grand Avenue bridge?
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How would you feel if your town were given $500,000 to become a Bud Light commercial for a weekend, as Crested Butte was?
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What will happen this football season?
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What should Glenwood Springs do about downtown traffic and business?
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What would you do if you won $90 million in the lottery?
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What's left on your summer bucket list?
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With the three recent airline disasters, are you thinking twice about flying?
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Who or what do you blame for the Colorado Rockies' poor performance this season?
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What should the U.S. do about the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America seeking to enter the country?
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Do you agree with the Supreme Courtís ruling that closely held companies have the religious freedom to not cover some contraceptives in their health care plans?
 Results | 2073 total votes
Would you dine at a restaurant where the staff was armed and patrons were invited to bring firearms as well?
 Results | 2446 total votes

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